How to Renew Your Membership

How to Renew Your Membership

If your membership has expired, you will get a message like the one shown below when you try to access a members-only area of the web site, such as the JazzScene ™ page, or the archives.

Your membership has expired. Please click here to renew your membership.

You can easily renew by clicking on “Please click here to renew your membership” when you get this message. Or you can click the Membership Renewal link under the Join Us menu at the top of any web page. Once you have renewed, log out of the website (using the Logout link under the LOGIN menu), and then log back in again.

If you are already logged in, click here to go to the Membership Renewal page.

If you are not logged in, first log in, then go to the Membership Renewal page. Click here to log in.

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Calling All Jazz Lovers!


The Jazz Society of Oregon Needs You!

We’re looking volunteers to help us with a variety of jobs supporting the local jazz community:

  • Fundraising, grant writing
  • Events coordination
  • Sponsor liaison
  • Membership support
  • Education committee
  • Volunteer support

Contact our volunteer coordinator to find out how you can contribute to your local jazz community.