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Building an Audience for Jazz–Montavilla Jazz Festival Shows Us the Way
Chico Freeman Plus-tet–Speaking Truth Into Existence
Previews! Alan Broadbent–Two Nights At Classic Pianos
Musician of the Month: Jon Lakey

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Marilyn Keller,
2016 Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Marilyn Keller, 2016 JSO Hall of Fame Inductee

JSO High School Jazz Band Competition

Jazz Band Competition

Battleground High School Jazz Band, winner of the 2016 Jazz Band Competition

Gabriella Quintero,
2016 Winner

Amateur Vocalist Contest

Gabriella Quintero, winner of the 2016 Amateur Vocalist Contest

Welcome to the new Jazz Society website!

Please update your JSO bookmark to http://jazzoregon.com. Also note the new email contacts on our “About JSO” page.

We are proud to be part of a vibrant Jazz community in the Pacific Northwest. On this site, you will find original articles on local clubs, musicians, and events, as well as, reviews of Jazz recordings, a great calendar and information about Jazz Society activities. Dive in, enjoy the articles, check out the news, use the new calendar. If you like it, or have suggestions, let us know!

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Calling All Jazz Lovers!


The Jazz Society of Oregon Needs You!

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